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Independently operated - Toshiba owned

…provides Supervisors and skilled Trades Australia wide at competitive rates
“Relationships with supervisors and skilled trades which go back years”

…has been built on developing long term relationships with our Customers
“Flexible and easy to work with. Quick agreement on terms and conditions. Open and transparent”

…are backed by Toshiba OEM Engineering, Safety and Quality processes.
“Safety and Quality at competitive rates”

What we do

PGSR provides the right people when you need them.

In addition to our own specialists, PGSR recruits and coordinates experienced technical advisors, supervisors, and skilled labour. PGSR forms crews for shutdown and maintenance projects in the power generation, transmission and distribution sectors and other industrial rotating machinery industries. In addition to labour, PGSR provides specialised tooling and equipment to support the requirements of each individual project.

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Experienced and skilled personnel located Australia wide

  • Mechanical Fitters and Supervisors

    Our candidates have extensive and broad range of experience covering precision works on Gas and Steam Turbines, maintaining large scale Processing Factories and general fabrication shutdown and construction works in Mining and Resources.

  • Electrical Fitters and Supervisors

    Our electrical candidates have supported large OEM’s and can support you in constructing, installing and maintaining Generation Assets, HV Switchyards, Transformer Installs & Servicing, HV/MV/LV Switchboard Panel and Control wiring.

  • Boilermakers, Fabricators and Supervisors

    We have undertaken and supplied Boilermaker and Fabricator labour for large scale shutdown works in the mining and resources area. These works have encompassed replacement and maintenance of wear plate technologies in raw materials processing in addition to general maintenance and construction projects

  • Trades Assistants, Riggers and Crane Drivers

    We have candidates “Ready to Start” to support your projects. They have been vigorously screened and allocated as a resource to align their experience to your project requirements. Our database of TA’s, Riggers and Crane Drivers is extensive and these candidates have experience in many industry sectors.

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Our Services

  • Tooling and Equipment hire

    We have tailored 20ft & 10ft containers containing general and specialised tooling, rigging, measuring equipment, laser alignment equipment, minor onsite machining equipment and Heavy Duty Mobile Work benches. We have co-developed our PGSR Workstation, an inflatable clean room for generator inspections and turbine rotor works that we use extensively on projects.

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  • Gas Turbine

    We will undertake turnkey projects and provide specialised labour services. Our team have extensive experience predominantly on GE frame series as well as GE aero derivatives and Alstom 13E2 turbines.

    Learn more about our Gas Turbine services...

  • Steam Turbine

    PGSR have successfully undertaken turnkey projects on various manufacturers turbines up to 30MW and have supported projects on equipment up to 600MW.

    Learn more about our Steam Turbine services...

  • Generators

    We have undertaken turnkey projects and provided specialised labour services performing generator rewind and inspection projects.

    Learn more about our Generator services...

  • Other Machinery

    We also have experience with radial and axial compressors, balance of plant equipment, steam admission valves. We can provide details on request.

    Learn more about our other services...

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